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外資系ブランディング会社の【アカウント・マネージャー】※英語で仕事を挑戦したい方歓迎!(平均残業20h以下 / 国際環境)

- ビジネスレベルの英語力(メール、基本的な会話)必須
- 日本語が母国語/流暢であること(読む、書く、話す-日本語能力試験N1レベル)
- 営業、海外営業、事業開発のいずれかの経験(最低2年以上)
- 優れたコミュニケーシ国際的な環境で、毎日英語を使う営業仕事を挑戦したい方へ!


We Are A Global Packaging and Brand Experience Company.
From Branding Strategy to Print Management, SGK offers an end-to-end packaging solutions service. Our in-house capabilities, along with our global network, allows us to simplify marketing, amplify brands, and deliver value to our clients.

Services We Offer
Consulting・Creative Research・Strategy

[Creative Design]
Design Localization・Adaptive Design・Package Design・POP Design

[Artwork Production/Management]
Color Correction・Color Separation・Size Correction・Proof reading・Quality Control・Prepress

[Print Management]
Project Management・Print Consulting・Color/Quality Management

50+ Years of Expertise in Consumer Packaged Goods

SGK has been partnering with major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) clients for over 50 years, and are actively engaged with over 30 Fortune100 clients. This image taken in 1970s shows Schawk! founder Clarence W. Schawk (center) and employees proudly displaying the packaging designed for major American companies such as Kelloggs, General Mills, and SC Johnson.

We Are One SGK

In October, 2020, we officially rebranded our entire global Branding Solutions business unit under the name, SGK Inc.

Our founder, Clarence W. Schawk, started a one-man platemaking business in the basement of his aunt's suburban Chicago home in 1953. Over the next 60 years, Schawk acquired 72 businesses and in 1995, began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the name "SGK". SGK, which stands for "Schawk Graphics on Kedzie", pays homage to our original store-front on Kedzie Avenue in Chicago, IL.

Globally, SGK has over 6,500 employees in 70 offices across 30 countries. In APAC, we have close to 2,000 employees in 15 locations which include Singapore (Regional Headquarters), Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

会社名 株式会社シャーク・ジャパン(SGKジャパン)
  • 従業員の平均年齢30代
  • 上場企業
  • 受賞歴あり
  • 有給休暇を取得しやすい
  • 学歴不問
  • 服装自由
  • 髪型自由
  • 外資系企業
  • こだわりオフィス
  • 年間休日120日以上
代表者 中村玲子
設 立 2000年 2月
資本金 8000万円
従業員数 60人
平均年齢 35歳
事業内容 グローバル会社のブランドパッケージデザイン制作、およびブランディングコンサルテーション。
会社URL https://sgkinc.com/ja/